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Boardwalk Rides and Amusement

The Boardwalk at Lake Lanier Islands Beach and Waterpark starts at the Big Beach and leads you through slides, rides, eats and treats all the way down to Sunset Cove. Besides being your pathway to many exciting rides the Boardwalk itself has many of the parks refreshments including Dippin' Dots, Islands Icee Oasis, Tiki Hut Bar, Giannis Italian Bistro and Pizzeria, Boardwalk Concessions, Brusters Ice Cream, The Dog and Draft House and Sunset Cove Beach Cafe. The Rides on the Boardwalk include a ferris wheel and dry slides for those who don't want to get wet. There are also amusement types games including basketball.


lake lanier islands boardwalk

Ferris Wheel

lake lanier islands ferris wheel

Dry Slides

lake lanier islands dry slides

Boardwalk Basketball Games

lake lanier islands basketball