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Lake Lanier Islands

This website is my review of Lake Lanier Islands Waterpark. My family goes frequently and we will have season passes again this year.

Lake Lanier Islands Beach and Waterpark, also known as Lanier World is the crown jewel for Lake Lanier. Even though Lake Lanier has great fishing, watersports, marinas, restaurants and parks; this resort is the main attraction and just keeps getting better. Besides the waterpark Lake Lanier Islands Resorts also boasts Golfing, Camping, Horseback Riding and accommodations at Legacy Lodge. To get additional information on pricing or specifics on other amenities offered by Lake Lanier Islands Resort contact them at 770-945-8787.

The Big Beach

lake lanier islands main beach

The "Big Beach" is just that; very large and you can always find a spot to park your family and your belongings without feeling crowded. There are plenty of chairs and everything you need is just steps away.

lake lanier islands big beach 2

Further down the "Big Beach" you will find multiple volleyball courts, the ropes course and then take a swim out to the "Big Beach Aquatic Adventure"

Beach Volleyball Courts

lake lanier islands volleyball courts

Ropes Course

lake lanier islands ropes course

Big Beach Aquatic Adventure

lake lanier islands big beach aquatic adventure

On the "Boardwalk" you will find rides that won't get you wet including the ferris wheel and some dry slides. There are also concessions, bathrooms and Giannis Restaurant.


lake lanier islands boardwalk

Ferris Wheel

lake lanier islands ferris wheel